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Hiya! I'm Reii, from Ireland :) I'm studying German and Japanese in college (: My blog title is "Oh my god ne" is romaji/english :P
I like things like anime, homestuck, dtmg and other totally cool stuff.
My skype is Reii (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
See you around ♥

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kaorien: I remember seeing some posts when art programs are on sale, so I just wanted to let you know clipstudio is on sale from now to monday the 28th! It's $19 for pro (60% off) and $99 (55% off) for ex version.


You are very correct! Thank you for letting us know, we will happily share this with our followers.


ClipStudio is a drawing program for both Windows and Mac. It is greatly discounted right now. 
Here is a link to their official website where you can find the deal:


Here are a few examples of their program’s finctions, though many more can be found on the front page of their website.
Also, a video of their program in motion [Link].




It seems to be a Vector based program, much like Illustrator or Adobe Flash. For followers who are not aware, Photoshop works in Pixels rather then Vectors.

/!\ EDIT: Followers should be made aware of the following.
I have just been made aware that ClipStudio is apparently… the exact same program as Manga Studio 5/Ex. The only difference is that CSP is the digital download and MS5 is the physical copy. It has recently changed to this and is VERY misleading and has caused a number of people to purchase a program they already own. It’s more noticeable on the Smith Micro website where both “versions” are offered. Those who are still in doubt should definitely try the demo prior to purchase.”
- An anon dropped this information in our inbox.
Thank you for the information


Mija can still be a little too enthusiastic when it comes to making frans

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The temptation to color that sketch was too much.

Available as a print here!

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ENTJ: I make the rules.
ESTJ: I’ve written down the rules and made copies for everyone.
ESFJ: I’ve bent over backwards to fulfill all the rules.
ENFJ: Rules are great – they help us be better people.
INTJ: I’ve discovered all the inconsistencies with the rules and…

Anonymous: on mobile so I can't copypaste the little icons, so heart (tumblr user you would date) and sun (selfie).


hmm someone I would dat here on tumblr 

I think that person would find me creepy right now but i say reiichiru My cute sweet friend mnhgggggg 

and a selfiieeeee willl be coming it is late at them moment and i was planning on sleeping in a min hahaha 

i promise soon 

You big sweetie you


The Sailor Scout, Fantasy RPG set!

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if you leave your dog in a hot car this summer i will break your window and steal your dog and become the puppy master of all the dogs that i rescue


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Need more variation….! Quick little break doodles every now and then from the monitor, otherwise my eyes will tire out a lot faster. 

It might be a while before I have any fleshed out digital posts, so I’ll keep my blog alive with sketchbook draws every now and then! Adult life is busy @__@;; 

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